Touring through History ~ Hands on Learning Outside the Classroom


Our 7th and 8th grade students took a trip to Washington D.C. in May. Here is what some of them had to say about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"We went to Mount Vernon which was my favorite part of the trip because  not only did we get the in-house tour, but we also go plenty of time to explore the plantation and see the sights that George Washington himself saw. – Ben Fried

"The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial went through his presidency visually. It did not give you all of the information of his life and presidency at once.  I like how they had a water structure for each of the major events of his life." – Carson Lindseth



"In the Library of Congress we surprisingly saw few books, but more exhibits.  We also saw a hand written Bible and one printed on the Gutenberg Press. "– Brady Barker

"The Holocaust Museum was a very informative museum and opened a new set of eyes for me to view World War II." – Wyatt Tanner

"A woman was in a concentration camp and heard people getting cremated, but before they went in they said, “I believe!” It was cool to see their fearlessness and faith in our God." – Zach Kingsley

"We saw the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which had a huge carving of him into stone.  The legs on the statue were not finished, and that symbolized that he was killed before his work was done." – McCaila Thompson

"I liked visiting the Jefferson Memorial and seeing the quote '…all men are created equal' ” – Morgan Broadbent