Foothills Alumni

Our first graduating class completed their studies in 2005. Since that time, we have more than 100 graduates who have gone on to successful careers, military service, college degrees, ministry, and many other walks of life.


While our alumni have many differences in where they are now, they all have common roots in their Christ-centered studies at Foothills and their Biblical worldview foundation.  We are in process of tracking many of our alumni but have some incredible stories and testimonies already from our graduates. We are working to create some alumni events which will reconnect our alumni to our school, to our community, and to one another.  A list of upcoming events can be found at the bottom of this page.


In the meantime, be check out some of the testimonies and accomplishments of our graduates below.


Alumni Testimonials


Ms. Dorothy Ackerman Butler ~ Class of 2009

PhD in Chemistry ~ Vanderbilt University

The sciences classes at Foothills were essentially the beginning of my career in science. Little did I know at the time, but Dr. Dierking’s words were prophetic when he told me I was going to major in chemistry. I started off as an elementary education major, but because I loved Dr. Dierking’s chemistry course at Foothills, I decided to take chemistry as an elective in college and eventually switched my major to chemistry. His course prepared me immensely well for the general chemistry I took in college. I even share his advice with my students today: “The only way to learn chemistry is to do chemistry.” Dr. Dierking instilled a love of science in me, and, like the other teachers, he always made sure that I knew he believed in me. Even after I went off to college, he would check how I was doing, and I still go back and talk to him when I am in town.

My teachers and coaches at Foothills dreamed big for me. They saw the areas in which I could excel and encouraged me to pursue my passions and talents. My teachers and coaches inspired me to try things I never thought I could actually do. But it’s because of people like them that pursued my PhD in chemistry. It’s not every day you find such quality teachers who care about each individual student and his or her dreams. They don’t teach for any reward they teach because they love their students and they love helping them succeed. 




Mrs. Taylor (King) Zuidema ~ Class of 2010

As a former student of Foothills, it was my goal when I started my teaching degree to come back to teach at the school from which I graduated. My first year of teaching was spent in the Great Falls Public School system. While I am very thankful for my experience there, it was nothing like the environment I was used to at Foothills. While teaching every day, I was constantly aware of something vital missing—a Biblical worldview.  It was disheartening not being able to share with my students Christ’s love and His influence in all that we do.

For this reason, I chose to apply to Foothills so that I could teach in a Christ-filled environment and encourage my students in their walks with Christ. The mission of Foothills Community Christian School is something  that I longed to be a part of as its purpose is not to educate for the temporal, but for the eternal.





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