Scholarship Opportunities


We are blessed to be able to provide financial options to assist families that need financial assistance in order to provide a quality Christian education for their children. Each program has different eligibility requirements, so it is recommended that interested families speak with Foothills staff for more detailed information.

Foothills overseas and administers our LEARN Scholarship program. Named after our 5 core values, the LEARN Scholarship was initiated in the Spring of 2015 and is privately funded by donors who want to assist families in attending Foothills.Donors are provided the opportunity to determine eligibility criteria for applicants which may iclude financial need, academic merit, service, etc.  Family expenses, along with family size and family income may be determining factors. LEARN scholarships range in value but normally do not exceed 50% of the cost of the annual tuition. The number of LEARN scholarship awards varies per year.  

The Scholarship Committee reviews applicants in late May for initial awards and normally meets on a monthly basis throughout the summer to review new applications.  Funds are awarded on a rolling bases and applications are accepted as long as scholarship funds remain. Scholarship awards are given in one year increments and receipients must reapply each year for consideration. All receipients are required to submit a scholarship acceptance to the school as well as a donor thank you before awards are applied to student accounts.

Families who wish to apply for schlolarship should contact the school office for application information. The priority deadline for scholarship applications is April 15.  After April 15, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis pending availability of funds.

Please be aware that families must first enroll their child in Foothills before applying for scholarships. Additional applications and information are required for each scholarship program.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Additional Scholarship Programs


The Big Sky Scholarships is a new program founded in 2016. Senate Bill 410 was passed by the Montana legislature in 2015 as the first education legislation specifically designed to give parents options for their children's education.  The bill requires student scholarship organizations (SSO's) to administer the program.  Foothills is a proud partner of Big Sky Scholarships and enrolled students may be eligible for funding through the Big Sky Scholarships organization.


The ACE Scholarship program is privately funded by generous donors who strongly believe that parents should have a choice in choosing the best educational opportunity for their children. ACE scholarships are based solely upon family size and family income. These scholarships typically cover approximately 50% of the cost of the annual tuition. The number of ACE scholarships is limited and interested parents should contact the school for availability and income guidelines. ACE awards are reviewed early each spring.


Those interested in learning more about scholarships or submitting an application should call 406-452-5276.