Foothills Community Christian School seeks to guide, train, coach, educate, and graduate students who:



Are exceptional
Think independently and critically
Are trained thoroughly in a biblical worldview
Know their gifts, talents, and skills and on a path of using them
Have a superior preparation for any further education
Exhibit a continuing love for learning
Demonstrates effective communication skills:
  o Speaking
  o Writing
Participate in athletics (competitive or recreational) that equips them with a Christian approach to wellness
Are trained in fine arts, social, and extracurricular activities that equipped them with a Christian cognitive approach to beauty, ministry, and fellowship 


Are equipped fully to live the Christian life:
  o Physically
  o Spiritually
  o Emotionally
Defend effectively their faith by word and deed
Articulate with clarity a Christian worldview
  o As it relates to the biblical definition of marriage and family
  o As it relates to the exercising of the biblical disciplines of prayer, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and a lifestyle of discipleship/evangelism
Are committed to a local body of Christ
Are committed to Christian education
Love the Lord with their:
  o Whole heart
  o Soul
  o Strength
Solve problems with courage based on biblical convictions
Reveal authentically the character of Christ by their actions


Serve and influence others because they know:
  o Whose they are
  o Who they are
  o Why they are here
  o Where they are going
  o How they are going to get there
Are equipped to engage the world for Jesus Christ
  o Physically
  o Spiritually
  o Emotionally
Commit to a life of loyal and responsible servant leadership in a local church
Serve and influence others by their example of a consistent work ethic, decision-making based on biblical morals, lifestyle of integrity and responsibility
Demonstrate the skills of critical thinking based on the Truth of the scriptures
Embrace the realization of the importance and significance of their influence in the community of which they live