Our Philosophy


Quality instruction is dedicated to assisting parents in providing a quality Christian education based upon the Word of God. Quality instruction strives to develop the whole person for the glory of God through a disciplined environment. Foothills Community Christian School instructors equip students to thoughtfully examine every aspect of life through a Christ-centered worldview. Instructing is only one part of the quality instruction; the other part is good role modeling. Instructors at FCCS serve as role models through their Christian walk, professional excellence, and spiritual growth.

Biblical integration in the instructional program is incorporated in a variety of ways in each subject in order to form a more perfect union with God’s Word and academia. The faculty at each grade level and in each academic area researched biblical standards. These standards have been incorporated into the newly revised curriculum guide. Of course, each student is also required to take a Bible class.  In addition, a number of our textbooks are from Christian publishers, which makes biblical integration easier to accomplish. Specifically, in our science and Biblical worldview classes, we embrace the biblical account of creation, but include a solid understanding of the theory of evolution.

FCCS instructional strategies include and focus on active learning, critical thinking and higher-order-thinking skills. These strategies steer the instructional process and drive the learning within the school. In addition, FCCS uses Terra Nova standardized testing to provide assessment and to compare our students with other schools for grades K-10. Secondary students take the PSAT, ASVAB, and/or the SAT/ACT for national comparisons.

There is a standardized grading system used by all of the teachers at FCCS and all students are graded on the same scale.  Teachers use the RenWeb school management program for their grade books, which assure proper calculations and easy access to grades to date.   Students that fall below a 2.0 GPA or have a grade of “F” are placed on academic probation, which includes probation from extra-curricular activities. Periodic progress reports and teacher conferences are utilized whenever a student receives a failing grade on his/her mid-term progress reports or at any time by parental requests.