Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

At Foothills we believe that the Bible is the foundation for all truth. Our entire curriculum is Bible based. We believe in the importance of family and we help to involve the entire family in the child’s education. 


Our Vision 

UNcommon Education for Life


Our Mission 

We assist parents in providing a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others.


Our Core Values – L.E.A.R.N.



*  Challenging students to excel in responsibility, work ethic, integrity, and moral decision-making

*  Developing critical thinkers with a Biblical worldview

*  Understanding our important influence to the community



* High educational standards

* Strong commitment to developing each student’s educational abilities and goals

* Motivating students to pursue their God-given gifts, talents, and skills



* Encouraging students toward a Christian worldview by integrating their faith, learning, and knowledge

* Teaching and implementing the Christian’s role in evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship



* Commitment to modeling and encouraging a culture of love (as demonstrated by Jesus Christ)

* Promoting genuine and authentic relationships

* Believing strong parental involvement is a key to overall student success



* Promoting a low student to teacher ratio

* Educators devoted to creating a school of love, community, and service to others